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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Country Candle Holder

Found this metal stand in my neighbor's trash.  It was in such a bad state that I didn't think I could do a thing with it.  But I sanded the rust off of it, scrubbed it really good, then painted it.  It turned out surprisingly well.  I was shocked!  Then I bought this solid cast iron candle holder at a garage sale for $10.  It was a grayish color, so I just painted it to match the stand once I saw that it fit the top of it perfectly.  It was like they were meant to go together.  Then I just dressed it up a bit with some berries and lights, and now I have a lovely addition to my entryway!

My $6 toilet paper holder (mailbox)

Wish I had the before picture, but I can't find it.  It had a pineapple painted on it!  It's serving me better holding my extra rolls of toilet paper.  Holds 4 rolls!  I love it.