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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Latest T2T project....

Light bar turned tea light candle holder!

Before Picture:

After Picture:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some of my favorite flowers

Murasakihigezaki Japanese Morning Glory
(say that three times fast!)

Candy Corn Vine

Glory Lily Vine

'Black Currant Swirl'


Miniature Rose
'Hailey's Innocence'
Rose that I started from seed and had registered in remembrance for my baby niece.....
beautiful Hailey Elizabeth.

Furniture Re-Do

Tiff needed a dresser to take to college.  Since no one in this house liked the clown on this dresser that Sam's dad painted on it when he was a little boy, I decided it was time to let it go.  Even Sam was afraid of it when he was a little boy.  Why are clowns so scary??  :)  This poor dresser sat in my storage room storing hand-me-down clothes.  It was time to give it a new life!  Too bad it's hard to find good wood funriture these days.....